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I Come To You

$150 per class if you pay per session or for one time consultation
$125 per class for 6 classes if you pay upfront ($750)

Small additional fee may occur if you are more than a 45 minute ride from Mid-City 90018

You Come to Me - 1 block North of Adams between Arlington and Western 90018
 per class if you pay per session or for one time consultation.
$100 per class for 6 classes if you pay upfront. ($600) 

​Please set aside 1-2 hours for training.  The length of time will depend on the dog and pet parent. All members of family are invited except young children who get bored easily and will distract the dog. 

REMEMBER - I am going to train you to train your dog. You must be willing to spend at least 10 minutes a day (take weekends off) doing exactly what you learn in class for up to 2 months to have a well trained dog.  Without this commitment on your part the money you give me will be wasted. 

Charges for additional dogs will be half of original fee if trained at the same time.

Call or email to find out what we can offer you

or for a FREE 1/2 hour phone consult about a specific problem.   323-734-9119


Obedience and Leadership Training

What A Good Dog LA provides:

- Evaluation of behavioral issues.

- Basic obedience training

  (puppies, adults any age)

- PetParent leadership training.

-  Although some aggression can be addressed with basic training,

   we do not provide serious aggression training.

   We do provide excellent referrals. Call for free consultation

​6 Session Full training or One Time Consolations for PUPPIES, ADULT DOGS, NEW DOGS:   

Eye Contact and Name recognition (look at me when I say your name), No pull walking, Come, Sit, Down, Stay,  Leave It/Drop It, Off, Go lie down, Housebreaking.

Leadership Training: 

Recognizing when you are being the leader or being led. Getting the dogs attention. Using Voice Tone (enthusiastic, affectionate, firm, calm). Using clear hand signals and clear commands.