I am passionate about honoring the integrity of the natural intelligence and goodness of dogs by educating and training both them and their Pet Parent. The result is an enhanced lifelong relationship that is a source of joy to both.

Little Pepita, a chihuahua terrier mix rescued from the streets, with new Pet Parent.

Leadership and Dog Training

About Dianne Lawrence


I began rescuing dogs and finding them homes in the mid eighties. Back then you would advertise for homes in the local newspaper and maybe there were 20 ads! Now the internet is filled with rescue organizations and pictures of dogs needing homes. 

I took them in off the street and to the pound where I would place first rights on them which gave me first choice for adoption if nobody claimed them. I would bring them home, clean them up, teach them basic indoor manners and find them loving homes. Since that time I have rescued, trained and placed over 75 rescue dogs.

In the 90’s I began studying professional basic training and hired Mike Herstik to teach me basic obedience techniques with a dog I had rescued. Mike is now a top international trainer of detection dogs, providing trained dogs and/or training for Oketz K9 unit, Israel National and Border Police, LAPD Bomb Squad and U.S. Navy Seals. 

Between 2013 - 2016 I trained over 300 dogs as lead dog trainer at a national pet store.

As a dog activist, I was also responsible for getting a law passed in the City of Los Angeles making it illegal to tie dogs up in backyards as a lifestyle.  

"Thanks to the hard work, commitment and compassion of LAAS’ David Diliberto, City Attorneys Robert Ferber and Dov Lesel, and private citizen, Dianne Lawrence, there is another reason to not tether your dog in Los Angeles. IT IS ILLEGAL!

On August 3, 2005, the LA City Council passed LAAS’ tethering ban effective in the entire City of Los Angeles! Tethering your dog in the City of Los Angeles can now result in a $1,000 fine, six months in jail, or both!"