​"Dianne is the best dog trainer and is easily up there with Caeser Milan and other famous dog trainers but actually reasonably priced! My boyfriend calls her the dog whisperer. Stella used to never even let my boyfriend touch her without snapping at him and now they cuddle all the time." 

Kelly D. YELP

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Leadership and Dog Training​

​​I was at a complete lost with Phoebe (my dog,) I felt like a prisoner in our own home because I couldn't take her out without fearing she'll bite someone or get out of control with other dogs. 

We saw an instant switch in her obedience and listening after just one session with Dianne."

Cynthia YELP​​




How I saved my dogs life with effective leadership;

I used to walk my dogs Ginger and Peggy past three dogs who would bark at us from behind a fence across the street.  One day someone left the gate open and I looked up and saw them growling and snarling, hurtling full speed towards us. 

I quickly turned to my dogs and very firmly gave them the command to "STAY!!” with the accompanying hand signal. 

I turned back to the dogs, who were half way across the street, threw my hands up and with every fiber of my being shouted “BAD DOGS!!! BAAAAD DOGS!!!” while stamping my foot.  It stopped them cold and while they were taking my measure I continued with a threatening, insistent, no nonsense “GET BACK BEHIND THAT GATE!! GET…BACK!!” as my pointed finger and voice willed them to turn around. Which they did. They went back behind the gate.  And quickly too. Whew.

The most important part of this story? My dogs stayed. They didn’t run, they didn’t attack. They let me do my job as the leader, listened to my command and let me save their lives.



                                             Along with private training sessions I am now offering

                                             bi-monthly Zoom sessions to answer typical questions 

                                             from frustrated dog owners.  Getting a new dog, puppy

                                             care, barking, chewing, jumping, rushing the door,

                                             pulling...these are some of the typical problems that my

clients come to me with.  In these sessions I will talk about some of the solutions to

your problems and give you an overview of the proper relationship that gets results

with dogs.  

Upcoming sessions are August 14 and August 28

Sessions last between 1 - 1 1/2 hours and are currently limited to 5 people each so act fast!

Cost is $25.  

Send your questions and preferred dates to:

info@whatagooddogla.com and you will either receive an electronic request for payment of your choice

or you can pay with a check.

Once I receive payment you will get your zoom link. 

                         Call 323-734-9119 (no text) for free dog training consultation

From my 5 Star Yelp Reviews  (click)

"It's like she has a PhD in doggy psychology, knowing what their behaviors are indicative of and how we as owners should respond to them." 


" We saw an instant switch in her obedience and listening after just one session with Dianne."

"When she told me I would see improvement instantly, I thought it was too good to be true.  But lo and behold,

instant improvement was seen.  My only regret is that I didn't find a trainer like her earlier when I rescued my dog."

"I called Dianne and was convinced by her harm-free training (many of the other trainers I called suggested bark

collars and I don't believe in them and Dianne doesn't use them)"
Flash-forward to about six weeks later now and Stella is a brand new dog. She is less anxious, she rarely barks

inside, and she has learnt new commands."

​"I love Dianne's philosophy with owner and dog's relationship. No shock collars and no difficult or intensive training

just proper communication and leadership from the owner." 

​"My dog recently got out by accident and people were outside my fence walking their dogs and I feared she would attack, but to my surprise as soon as I yelled her name Phoebe ran back inside with no hesitation paying no mind to anyone but me. My relationship with my dog has improved so much and all because of Dianne."